Long Term Care

Long Term Care planning is one of the most important areas of financial advice that many people will need in their entire life. 

Medical advances have improved our life expectancy dramatically in the last few decades. However, unfortunately the extra years that we can expect to live are not necessarily years of good health. We know that the UK has a generous free National Health Service, but it does not provide help of the kind that many people need at this time.

Most people who have family want as much of their money as possible to go towards their children and grandchildren, to help them through their lives, rather than to the state or to a nursing care company. A well planned use of the right investments can make it much more likely that there are funds left over to achieve this aim.


Long Term CareIf no planning is done, when the time comes that one cannot manage independently, the costs of care can result in the hard earned assets of a lifetime being wiped out in only a few short years. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that we can help clients reduce the impact of care funding as well as achieve a better outcome for all concerned.


There are a number of ways that we can help with care provision. From assisting with council care applications, NHS assessments, Government benefits entitlements, to establishing the income stream that will be needed to pay for the regular care.


This might include:


Maximising the individuals rightful state benefits and assistance.
Using investments in the most tax-efficient way to generate an income.
Using special Long Term Care annuities to get the best rates for a secure income.


We can also help with the administrative aspect of this time of life. This can be in the form of regular monthly meetings to assist with personal financial administration, or helping those who may have Powers of Attorney to understand and execute their responsibilities.


It is most important to always bear in mind the quality of life of the individual needing care is the priority of those responsible. We must make sure that their wishes are adhered to as much as practicable, both in terms of their current needs and those wishes that may have been expressed previously.


This stage in life can be one with many worries for those it affects. Ultimately our aim is to help the individual to live happily and with dignity, whether they are staying in their own home or moving into a residential care home.


Special Note - Long Term Care advice can only be provided by advisers with a special Financial Conduct Authority qualification. We are pleased to say that we are qualified in that respect and are happy to provide help and guidance upon your request.