Life Events

At Town & Country Private Finance Ltd we pride ourselves in dealing with clients and helping them through the various life stages. Whether you are looking for a mortgage or retired and looking to maximise your retirement income, we can help.

Life Chart


Knowing at what stage you are in your life and how this affects your financial planning is very important. We will guide you through these stages, try to understand your goals, dreams and aspirations and help you put a financial plan in place that will help you achieve this. Our aim is to help you integrate your life goals with financial realities.

We feel if you are saving or investing money, in order for it to be successful, you need to know what you are saving/investing for. This is why we try to uncover your aspirations or dreams. For example if you are making regular savings into an ISA and this is ear marked for a cruise on 60th birthday you are more likely to continue saving and fulfil your investments objectives.

Do you know how much money you will require in retirement?

Many people receive pension statements, which contain facts and figures and many don't understand them. What do these statements mean to you? We can help you understand these by demonstrating how long that pension money and any other money you have will last for.